Benefits of Turning Pesticide Application Sheet Digital

Benefits of Turning Pesticide Application Sheet Digital

Published on: 14-04-2015 | by Misty in Pesticide Application Sheet, Pesticide Record Keeping, Pesticide Record, Pesticide Application Record, paperless

Private farms use Pesticide Application Sheet in order to keep track of their pesticide usage, in accordance with their obligations to the law. This means that the sheet is a very important legal document that each private farm should be maintaining, and one does not take lightly this kind of paper. That’s why it is highly necessary, with the technology available today, to convert these sheets into digital forms.

Digitalizing Can Save People from Headaches

By continuing to rely on paperwork for Pesticide Record Keeping, farm keepers are just simply keeping things harder for themselves. By introducing digital copies of the record sheets, they are doing themselves a favour. They are saving themselves from the hassles and difficulties of paper-based record keeping.

What Headaches Are They Addressing?

Paperwork is highly disadvantageous for businesses for various reasons. These reasons are:

• Paper is a security threat.
When one is engaged in business, earning money is only the least of their concerns. Keeping that information secure, especially since these records are legal requirements, is another of those concerns. If entrepreneurs are not able to go paperless with their record-keeping, then they leave themselves open to the risk of having their data stolen. No farm owner would want that, especially with their Pesticide Record – no one wants the law coming after them.

• Paper is expensive.
Every entrepreneur wants to earn as much money as he can. Of course, the total amount he earns is highly dependent on how he is able to keep his expenses down to a minimum. Agricultural production, while undoubtedly financially rewarding, is also expensive to maintain. The system of the app, however, will slash down their operational expenses by eliminating the need for paperwork – and help the farm realize a significant amount of savings in the long run.

• Paper is inconvenient.
Last but not the least, keeping paper supplies and using paper to create reports is cumbersome, and inconvenient. Filling up paperwork is time-consuming as well, especially with the amount of information that needs to be recorded for the required Pesticide Application Record.

To summarize, when the app is implemented into the farm’s workflows and system, they are giving their personnel the opportunity to be more efficient with their record-keeping, as well as to save money on their operational expenses over time. That’s a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity every businessman operating a farm should take.

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