Chemical Usage App Ensures Compliance with Chemical Laws

Chemical Usage App Ensures Compliance with Chemical Laws

Published on: 07-01-2015 | by Misty in Chemical Usage App, Chemical Usage Report, Chemical Usage Register Template, Chemical Usage Record, paperless, mobile workforce

SYDNEY, Australia January 2015 – One of the most pressing concerns for companies that handle harmful chemicals is the need to maintain records of their usage. The law mandates that, and any company that fails to comply is at risk of being levied huge fines. That is exactly the reason why Formitize has developed Chemical Usage App, specifically for these companies.

Defining the App in a Nutshell

Companies that deal with chemical usage will be impressed by the convenience that the Chemical App will be giving their employees.
The app is a paperless solution designed to enhance the existing workflows that companies have been using in the past to maintain and archive their chemical usage records. The app is capable of many other things that these companies could clearly benefit from.

Chemical Usage App’s Capabilities

The app has capabilities that can help chemical firms and laboratories in maintaining a Chemical Usage Report each and every time their workforce employs these compounds in their line of work.

These capabilities are:

• Ready-made templates
By subscribing to the app, chemical usage companies can have access to a ready-made Chemical Usage Register Template. This template is, of course, derived from the forms that they have already created in paper form. Since the requirement is mandated by law, the paperless template is more or less similar across the board so it’s easy for the firms to customize a digital template for use in filing chemical usage reports.

• Centralized platform for information management
The biggest disadvantage to paperwork is that the information is simply all over the place. Staff has to dig through paper files just to find the right Chemical Usage Record when authorities from the government request it. With the Management Portal and the Resources E-Library of the app, pulling up relevant information is as easy as counting from one until three. In addition, the Management Portal can be used not only to track incoming chemical usage reports but also to remotely manage the mobile workforce and see what tasks a specific team is working on at any time of the day.

• Secure facility for managing documents
All the paperless reports that the company’s workforce files can be securely stored in the Resources e-Library, which is only accessible to those who have the right credentials. The threat to data theft in this case is considerably lower, and any security breaches can be easily tracked as the app keeps track of who uploads documents and who has logged in to view documents. Transparency is at its best with this new system.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “With the help of Chemical Usage App, firms can be sure that they are able to keep their operations compliant with relevant legislature and, thus, avoid the consequences of not being able to keep up with the government’s requirements.”

For more information about the app, simply visit Chemical Usage Take the tour today!

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