How Our App Helps in Pesticide Record Keeping

How Our App Helps in Pesticide Record Keeping

Published on: 17-06-2015 | by Misty in Pesticide Record Keeping, Pesticide Application, Chemical Usage App, Pesticide Application Sheet, Pesticide, mobile forms, paperless, digital forms

Agriculture is a very interesting business to get into. For some, it is also very fulfilling because, after all, you’re providing for the needs of the eating populace. Whatever is the motivation for the entrepreneur to start building a farm for business, establishing a good system for Pesticide Record Keeping is one of the top concerns that must be addressed before operations commence.

Why is that Concern Important?

One of the legal requirements in maintaining a farm is to keep detailed records on Pesticide Application. The law requires that, within 24 hours of applying pesticide into the farms’ produce, the farm hands should have an informative record built up and kept on file for 3 years at most after the actual application. The idea is that, when authorities would need to look into pesticide usage, then the farm would have information to provide for the probe.
While people do have a computerized method of keeping the records, there is yet no digitalized method for getting the report done in the field. Typically, farm hands would have to fill up paperwork and then transfer that information to a database using a desktop computer.

In Comes the App

That’s not the case now with Chemical Usage App. The app provides that ‘in-between,’ that method for digitally creating the report on site and without the use of paperwork. How does it do that? The system provides users the means to use mobile forms to submit the report. These reports are created and formulated as paperless versions of the paper forms that the farm will be using to create the report. Like their name suggests, these digital forms are accessible with the use of mobile devices.

Another benefit of having the app in the workflow is that it speeds up the submission process. The forms have an interesting feature that allows one to call up data that is already in the database and into the field. This shaves off a considerable amount of time off the workflow, and also makes the whole thing a lot easier to undertake. Since farms typically enter the same information every time they apply pesticide into their produce, rendering these reports will be a breeze with the help of the electronic Pesticide Application Sheet.

When everything has been and the information has been entered completely into the report, what remains to be done then is the submission itself. Submission is near instantaneous, and so is the receipt! People in the admin staff can receive the reports right away through the Management Portal and, with a few clicks of the mouse and a few key strokes the report is filed away safely into the database.

That’s the best thing about having a digital and fully mobile Pesticide Record Keeping system in place. The whole process is faster, more efficient and secure. Visit Pesticide to learn more about the other capabilities of this new technology. Take the tour today!

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