How Pesticide Record App Prevents Possible Data Theft

How Pesticide Record App Prevents Possible Data Theft

Published on: 24-12-2014 | by Misty in Pesticide Record App, Pesticide App, Chemical Usage App, Pesticide Application Record, paperless, digital forms

Record keeping without using Pesticide Record App is inefficient and dangerous too, to an extent. However, we cannot blame most private agricultural producers for their use of paperwork because there was, until a couple of decades ago, no alternative for this mode of record-keeping. We do feel like it’s our duty to talk about how difficult such a mode of record keeping is, anyway.

The Threat of Data Theft

One specific threat that faces record-keepers is data theft. Aside from keeping records about pesticide usage, the business may have also other sensitive information that they would want to safeguard, such as their financial details, perhaps. The use of paperwork actually increases the farmer’s exposure to the threat of having his important information stolen by his own personnel.

That is why, these days, it’s important to seek out paperless alternatives to paper-based recording; and that’s what the Pesticide App is all about.

Features through Which the App Can Help Safeguard Data

The app has the following features that help in the security of the farmer’s data:

1. Three-layered security
The Chemical Usage App is equipped with three layers of security. These layers can help compartmentalize access to specific information so that farmers can limit the access of every personnel to only the information that they are privileged to see. In some instances, the layers of security also help limit the actions of the users – the most basic access right can only allow users to fill out and submit forms.

2. Cloud submission
To further enhance the security of the data, the digital forms are instantly submitted to the Cloud after being filled out. The phones or mobile devices do not keep any copies of this information, so there is no chance that the personnel who filed the information will be able to replicate any of the data that they have just submitted to the Cloud. This capability lowers the risk for data theft considerably by itself.

3. Centralized access to the documents
The app does not only make Pesticide Application Record and report submission possible; it also allows for a centralized platform. That is in the form of the e-Library, from which the farm’s personnel can access any requisite information without having to make any hard copies. In addition, the app’s three-layered security also limits who can access the information in the e-Library, and the list of people who has that access can be pulled out from the database with ease.

This shows just how powerful the app can be – these three features by themselves are enough to deter the possible instance of data theft from the agricultural producer’s personnel.

Preventing data theft is just one of the capabilities that Pesticide Record App has. Discover all the information needed to understand its full capabilities. Take the tour today!

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