Keep Track of Your Pesticide Application Efficiently

Keep Track of Your Pesticide Application Efficiently

Published on: 20-05-2015 | by Misty in Pesticide Application, Pesticide Software, Pesticide Application Record, Pesticide Record App, Pesticide, enterprise mobility, mobile workforce

When you’re a private farm owner, then you realize that you have a legal obligation to keep track of Pesticide Application. You cannot allow yourself to be caught with your pants down, figuratively speaking – this means that you must always have the records ready in the event that authorities may want to receive that report from you, or you may pay some fines as a result of this ‘omission.’ It is, after all, your responsibility to have those records ready just in case.

Thus, there is the unspoken need of being able to come up with an efficient and secure system for Pesticide Application Record. You can only do this with the help of a software suite with the capabilities of streamlining your record keeping processes. But what exactly is this software that you must keep your eyes out for?

Describing This Software

This new Pesticide Software is a mobile solution, intended to work and be accessible using mobile devices. Why should you want to introduce a mobile-based system for your farm? Well, enterprise mobility has its advantages, and these benefits are definitely applicable to a farm system because most of the work is done on the field. There needs to be somebody out there to oversee the work and make reports ON SITE, and investing in the app makes that possible.

What Are the Features of this Application?

The application brings with it an impressive suite of features for your farm’s staff and, of course, you as the owners, to maximize.

For a small monthly stipend, you can now enjoy these capabilities and improvements to your workflows:

1. Real-time reports
We all know how much of a headache it can be for people in the record-keeping section to keep track of paperwork. The app eases things up for these people by providing the entire mobile workforce with smart forms that can be filled out and submitted right away after completion on site. This means that a Pesticide Application Record can be easily assembled even when the actual application process is ongoing. Imagine how much time can be saved for the entire process – your farm hands can conclude work and rest early.

2. Easy access to needed functionalities
Because the Pesticide Record App is a mobile application, everything that your farm hands and other staff would need from it is easily accessible through a mobile device. The app, when fully integrated with the farm’s work processes, will make everything easy and very convenient to accomplish. Who knows what wonders this will have on your farm’s productivity? A happy workforce is a productive one, after all.

In order to really make full use of the app’s capabilities, it is important to look closely at how it can benefit your agricultural business aside from its record-keeping duties. Visit Pesticide, for all the information that you will need. Take the tour today!

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