Pesticide Record Gives Effective Record Keeping System for Farm Owners

Pesticide Record Gives Effective Record Keeping System for Farm Owners

Published on: 24-12-2014 | by Misty in Pesticide Record App, pesticide record keeping, enterprise mobility, mobile workforce, digital forms

SYDNEY, Australia December 2014 – Private farm owners need a very efficient system for record-keeping, particularly for their chemical and pesticide usage, because it is mandatory by law. In order to avoid heavy fines from the environmental authorities, private farms need an effective data management system like Pesticide Record App working in their business organizations to make sure that they can easily file these reports and pull them up when the relevant authorities require their presentation.

How Installing the App Can Help

Fieldwork, in the past, required paperwork because it was the only way to generate a record from outside the office that the headquarters can archive and keep for later reference. However, this is rendered crude and inefficient with the system used by the Pesticide Record App. The app offers a process that is built on total enterprise mobility, giving businesses a very efficient and convenient method for reporting and record keeping.

What the Pesticide Record System Offers

Entrepreneurs and agricultural producers will definitely find these features helpful for their individual workflows:

1. Assured compliance
Agri-businessmen can now be assured that the reports they receive from their mobile workforce are compliant with standards and are accurate. Paperwork makes the whole process inefficient, in retrospect, when managers are manually reviewing the reports for compliance. The app’s digital forms have a variety of controls and stops that makes sure there is no important field omitted and the report has everything that is needed or required by legislature.

2. Document security and safety
The legal significance of Pesticide Record Keeping makes its doubly crucial for agricultural entrepreneurs to safeguard their pesticide usage reports. Fortunately, the app has a Resources E-Library feature. This is a virtual library where the reports and other documents can be kept and managed in a secure manner. The app has a three-layered security system that is effective at ensuring that no one is able to access documents and information for which they are not cleared or they have no authority to access.

3. Full functionality anytime and anywhere
While the app does use the Internet to connect to the Cloud and submit information, it does not mean that the organization is crippled by the absence of Internet connection – a fact that makes an impact because there is virtually no Internet connection in the farm. Farm personnel can simply download their assigned forms ahead of time in an Internet-enabled area, head off to work, fill out and complete the forms, then go back to where Internet is accessible to complete the submissions.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Having Pesticide Record App on your workers’ mobile phones will mean changes and improvements that you previously thought were not possible. The app is capable of more incredible features so farms and agricultural businessmen will do well to explore Pesticide in order to better understand the advantages of this revolutionary new system for farm owners.”

Discover how Pesticide Record App gives effective record keeping system for farm owners. Take the tour today!

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