Three Things to Expect from Chemical Usage App

Three Things to Expect from Chemical Usage App

Published on: 18-02-2015 | by Misty in Chemical Usage App, Pesticide App, Pesticide Software, Pesticide, mobile forms, enterprise mobility

Because of their effects to the environment, legislature requires that the usage of pesticides and other harmful chemicals on agricultural produce is monitored. Of course, the government has no facility to keep track of how much of which chemical is used by whom. This is the job of the private farm owners themselves, and this is best addressed when using Chemical Usage App within the farm’s workflows and processes.

What’s the Deal with the App?

What does the Pesticide App have that helps out in the record-keeping of private farms as well as in their workflows in general? Let’s discuss that in detail in the next section.

The Pesticide Record App’s Features

At its heart is the facility that allows for the use of customizable mobile forms, but they are only a part of what the application can do on behalf of the farms and their record-keeping.

The app also allows for:

1. Submission through Cloud computing
The app makes use of Cloud computing, which means it has the capability of ensuring remote access from whatever location the user could be, as long as there is Internet connection available. The lack of Internet connection is just a small hindrance – even if there is no Internet connection on the farm, one only has to make sure to have downloaded and logged the forms beforehand from the Pesticide Software. They can fill the details out when applying the pesticide and submit the form by going to a place with an Internet connection. Very convenient, it is.

2. A mobile-based application
Applying the app into the farm’s workflows will require the use of mobile devices, and that will dramatically change the way farm personnel do things for their jobs. Full enterprise mobility is now possible. No one has to be confined to a desk anymore, because the app’s capabilities are totally accessible with the use of mobile devices – the personnel can be anywhere and still be able to access what they need.

3. Document access control
Once the reports are filed, they head to the Management Portal and then to the database. If management chooses, these documents can also be made available in the future through the Resources E-Library. For pesticide records, this is very necessary as environmental authorities may want to request these information at any time; with the mobile device in hand, the documents can simply be pulled up from the E-Library and showed to the authorities when requested.

There is more to be enjoyed from the app, of course. All it really takes is for interested parties to do a little bit of research for themselves. This they can do by visiting Pesticide, from which they can find comprehensive information on the capabilities of Chemical Usage App.

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