Use Pesticide App for More Efficient Usage Record-Keeping

Use Pesticide App for More Efficient Usage Record-Keeping

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Agricultural practices dictate that farm personnel and owners should be able to keep a detailed record-keeping on their use of pesticides. This is part of private farm operators’ responsibility to the government – if the relevant agency requests that information, farm owners should have these records ready or face fines. While the act of doing so is difficult, Pesticide App can help ease these difficulties for the operators.

What Can This Software Do?

Let us summarize the capabilities of the software before we discuss the specifics. The heart of the Pesticide Record Keeping is its introduction of mobile forms, a never-seen-before technology that allows for the elimination of paper from specific establishments’ workflows – in this case, private farms. With paper out of the picture for record-keeping, proprietors and operators of private farms can expect their record-keeping to be more efficient, secure and easy to accomplish.

What Features Does The App Have?

These are the features that the Pesticide Software has and its capabilities in terms of making pesticide usage record-keeping a lot easier for the farmers.

1. Customizable forms
The details that farm operators need to keep track of are very specific, and the digital forms that are used by the app are 100% customizable. One can come up with the most accurate forms to fit their needs and, if regulations change and require additional information, updating the forms is easy to do with the user-friendly interface of the app.

2. Real-time reports
In most cases, legislature requires that records must be created within 24 hours after the pesticide was applied to the farm’s produce. With paperwork, that information can be difficult or cumbersome to archive because of the sheer amount that’s required. With the help of the app’s Pesticide Application Sheet, however, the information can be easily filled out using a mobile device and submitted to the database right away. One gets to save time and effort in the farm’s staff while still keeping up with regulations.

3. Easy access to records
Finally, the app ensures that you can always present the records when needed. When your mobile workforce submits a paperless report to the database, the information is automatically archived and can be accessed right away when it is required. In other words, when authorities come knocking at the farm’s door and requiring your records, one can lift those records right away and have them printed out if necessary. Keeping the farm compliant with regulations has never been this easy and hassle-free before.

It is now very easy and convenient for agricultural producers to keep up with existing legislation with the help of the app, and they can be very flexible as well to adjust to any future amendments to the rules. That is only the surface of what they can do with Pesticide App, of course. Visit Pesticide now to learn more about other capabilities the app has outside of simple record-keeping.

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